What Our Students Say

“Holy Fire Reiki is the most profound experience of my life. The ignitions were deep, gentle, life altering and are ongoing.”
“It is almost beyond words the transformation that I have experienced since completing Holy Fire Reiki training. “

“I was shown by my guides that Holy Fire Reiki is directly connected to Jesus and the source. I was scheduled for surgery immediately after the Holy Fire Reiki class I attended with William. On my return I found the surgery was no longer necessary and my body has been healing more and more each day.”


"I have just had the most fabulous weekend ever !

I have done courses with Janet before and I don’t wish to detract from these but there was such a wonderful energy about the whole three days.

Being with and taught by Janet is an honour in itself. She is so wise and knowledgeable about her subject and teaches it with a sense of humour and such Love and Compassion, you never need to feel worried or nervous about doing any courses with Janet. The other two people I was on the course with added to the wonderful feeling of family and deep caring and compassion.

I must admit I did wonder if I was ready for this course and it was soon obvious that I was meant to be there with bells on.

I am still buzzing with the wonderful things I have learnt and am looking forward to teaching it myself, if I can create the wonderful atmosphere and energy that came with the course this long weekend brought I will be some way to becoming a good teacher myself.

Thank you Janet

Ann – Newcastle under Lyme, Staffs"


"Janet has a lovely warm energy and is sensitive to the different learning styles of her students. She has a knack of delivering her training in a relaxed way that is totally full of information in a clear and constructive way whilst retaining a spiritual essence. I couldn’t have chosen a better teacher to start my journey into Karuna Reiki and I hope that one day I can teach it as well as Janet does.

Godmanchester – Cambridgeshire"


"Well here I am, finally sitting in front of a computer in my hometown of Sleaford Lincs. Just last week I boarded a flight from South China where I work and live to visit my family and do the Karuna Reiki Master training with Janet in Matlock. From a metropolis in China to the beautiful surroundings of Matlock was a revelation and joy in itself.

The Karuna Reiki training was extremely inspiring and excellently delivered by Janet over three days. It was also a great experience to go to the sacred site of Arbor Low for the second day attunement and connect with the special energies there. This was a very expansive cosmic affair which enhanced and complemented the energies we were tuning into.

Having actively practiced Usui Reiki for the past ten years on a regular basis (mostly distance work) I can certainly feel a difference in the Karuna Reiki modality as well as certain shifts in my own consciousness which in these early days seem very positive, calming, loving, cleansing, protecting, as well as powerfully and deeply healing. (I have already started doing Karuna Reiki hands on healing.) Family relationships also seem to be immediately more harmonious, mainly on account of what I believe are personal changes and what I may be projecting to people in my “sphere”.

So all in all a really remarkable event took place for myself and the other two people in the group (by the way we all got on famously and the sheer effortlessness of it seemed to make it even more kind of predestined).

My deepest gratitude goes to Janet who was the catalyst for making it all happen and who showed me a marvellous model of how Karuna Reiki can be taught, its many facets and practical applications.

Andrew Cooper
Guangzhou, China"


"On the long journey to Derbyshire I wondered what I would find, was I doing the right thing? would I feel awkward? and why Derbyshire ? The answer came in the form of Janet Roome, her beaming smile and welcoming hug immediately made me comfortable and welcomed. The area itself is of such outstanding beauty and peace that one feels it could only add to the experience.

Together with the rest of the group, all lovely people, I spent the next three days in meditation, learning and laughter. The course is intense and at times a bit daunting, would I be able to remember it all? But with Janet's calm, loving commonsense approach I learnt to go with the energy and everything fell into place. The attunement at Arbor Low Sun Temple was a high point , entering into a space held sacred for thousands of years, and whilst we were never entirely alone there, both the public and the sheep kept a respectful distance.

At the end of the course we were all overflowing with energy, brand new Karuna Reiki® Masters, setting out on our spiritual paths with renewed vigour.

Thank you Janet for your love, laughter and wisdom.

Much light and love Maggie ( London ) "


"Initially I thought that doing this three day Karuna Reiki® Master class would be intensive and very serious. How very wrong I was. Janet's warm, infectious personality lead to a weekend filled with laughter and healing, yet also full of learning. Janet's personal experiences she shared with us added depth and humour to her wealth of knowledge.

I was really pleased that time had been built into the course for hands on practice, which helped to consolidate everything.

Janet cared for us on all levels, even down to the celebration chocolate cake at the end.

The abiding memory I shall always have will be of Janet's beautiful altar and being able to dedicate a candle at the start of each day. Such a lovely way of creating a sacred space and honouring our individuality.

Bright Blessings to you, Janet.

Much love Ann xxx ( Lancashire )


"I found Janet to be expert in her knowledge on the subject of Karuna Reiki with a friendly and approachable manner towards everyone on our Karuna Reiki® Master class. Janet made the course relaxed, enjoyable and special. I would have no hesitation in recommending Janet to others and hope to have the opportunity to train with her again.

Love and Blessings Pam ( Isle of Man ) "


"We had been very "fussy" about the person we were to do our Karuna Reiki® Master course with, and from the first moment we met Janet, we knew we had made the right choice. We gelled immediately and spent the most amazing three days together. We learnt so much from Janet, she really is a very special person. We couldn't stop talking about her when we returned from the course.

We both use Karuna Reiki all the time and feel a very strong connection to it. It is tremendously powerful.

Zena and Quintin (Hampshire)"


Thank you Janet for the Karuna Reiki® Master course. It was a wonderful experience. I enjoyed learning about Karuna Reiki® and experiencing the energies. The attunement on Arbor Low, out in the elements, was excellent. I enjoyed your teaching style and learning from your experience as a Reiki Master, teacher and workshop leader.

Karuna Reiki has improved my healing sessions with clients and with myself and has re-energised my Reiki practice. As I continue to practice and work with the symbols, I am learning more about Karuna Reiki and how I can use it. I am also following my intuition more and am experimenting with different ways I can use the symbols.

It seems as though the Universe has been sending me more clients since I took Karuna Reiki®, giving me plenty of opportunities to practice what I learned. Now I am looking forward to teaching my first Karuna Reiki® Master class.

Iain ( Kuwait )