WORLD VISION Sponsorship

The Spirit of the Peaks is a non-profit making organization. A percentage of the fees for every course that is taken by students is used to help a little girl called Zula in Ethiopia , to be educated and also to help her family and community.

Ethiopia is one of the poorest countries in the world, which is prone to famine and food shortages.

Zula lives with her parents and many brothers and sisters in a one room shack in Addis Ababa , Ethiopia . She has the opportunity to attend a local school and sponsorship will help her continue to receive an education.

Without a sponsor Zula's future remains uncertain, facing life without basics like clean water and nutritious food. With sponsorship like ours Zula and others like her will grow up healthy and happy, with a real chance to move out of poverty.

This year with the help of you all we have been able to send extra money to buy a football and to kit-out a Girls Football team at Zula's school. Plus the usual monies we send for Zula's education and the help to her community. We have also sent extra money for a birthday present for Zula and a party for her and all her friends in her village. We have sent money in advance for a small Christmas present and party for Zula and her friends in December.

Thank you all for helping so much in this way - each time you book on a course or Reiki Get Together with Spirit of the Peaks Centre for Reiki Training a percentage of the money is sent to World Vision for Zula and her education, family and community.

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